In Philippians 4: 6 it says, “Do not be anxious about their petitions, for your God knows what each one is.”

Sometimes we ask for 2,3,4 times the same thing. Can it be faith and determination? Yes! But often it can be a doubt, fear or anxiety.

If you are restless and anxious you lose what you are asking for.

Do you remember that Jesus said that we ask and we do not receive because we ask wrong?

To ask evil is to ask with doubt, without faith.

If you ask in faith you can be sure that from the first prayer God has already heard you.

If your will is in accordance with His will and asks for believing, it is impossible for Him not to hear your prayer.

So do not let anxiety and fear make your soul uneasy. Trust that He is powerful and just to meet your every need.

Mentor Robson Lima

Tradução Jéssica Souza


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