Hello dear readers!

Today we are going to start a new series called “Diseases of the Soul”.

Many people have and do not know what to say or how to treat, but in this series we are going to teach you about this type of disease, how it can arise, its symptoms and lastly the ideal treatment.

Diseases of the soul are depression, distress, bipolar disorder, panic syndrome and phobias. And many of these diseases result in physical pain.

They may be present for a variety of reasons, but the real challenge is to understand and diagnose the disease and give proper treatment.

Do not be scared if in the middle of the series you identify that you have one of these diseases because to God nothing is impossible, then He can heal you and restore your life.

I hope you can follow and understand, because our greatest goal is to help you, dear reader.

So stay tuned in our next post because we will start with the first illness.

By Jaqueline Aragão

Tradução Jessica Souza


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